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FREE Vision & Goals Workshop

Ignite your dreams with not only goals -- but with a VISION! It's VISION that creates the right direction...ready to create your path? Let's go!

What you'll get:

  • ID+ME Vision & Goals Digital Workshop
  • ID+ME Vision & Goals Digital Worksheets
  • Learn how to create your vision + your future self
  • Learn how to create SMART goals
  • Learn the basics of manifesting your vision into a reality!

*There are no refunds.

What People Are Saying:

This course was really helpful! I had been kind of aimlessly setting goals with no intentions, which led me into spinning in circles. This course laid out very clearly how to set goals based on what you actually want. I was able to actually get closer to my goals quickly and achieve most a lot faster than I ever had before! Count me in as a powerful manifestor!!

Blair B.