Launching July 2024!

Everything you've been wanting in a coaching community.


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Launching July 2024!

Everything you've been wanting in a coaching community.

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The FATE membership community is a life coaching collective for high-vibe humans who are on their growth journey of self-discovery and don't want to navigate life alone.

With 24/7 unlimited access to our coaching community and resources, this is the perfect place to make high-vibe friendships, engage in meaningful conversations, and grow on the go with our mobile-friendly coaching tools.

Here, we believe in the power of like-minded energy and community.


What to expect in the community

Coaching Calls

Join live group coaching calls every single month!

Self-Guided Courses

Take one of our online courses at your own pace.

Quarterly Challenges

Kickstart change with the community with our group challenges!

High-Vibe Community

Get an instant energy boost with positive vibes!

Exclusive Podcasts

Listen to our life coaches discuss top topics weekly.


From anxiety to body love to being present, we got you.

Mantras + Prompts

Learn how to journal and speak positive affirmations. 

Conscious Habits

Small habits = BIG changes. Most in under 20 seconds per day!

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This community is for you if:

You want easy-to-use life coaching tools that can be applied to daily living, even for the busiest schedule!

You're looking to grow and learn alongside other like-minded people, where you can mutually support each other.

You're wanting to incorporate more mindfulness practices into your life and would like some guidance.

You're a positive, open-minded person on a journey of self-discovery, here to spread positive vibes and grow!