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Are you feeling stuck in a rut, spinning in circles, trying to control your life? Try creating it instead! Your Best Life Ever is waiting for you – and the great news is, it’s already yours!

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I don't recognize the person who I used to be. She was stuck. She was coasting. Spinning in circles. And unsure. Not who I firmly am today. I attribute waking up and learning about conscious living to leading me to an unimaginable journey of self-discovery, fulfillment, impact, growth, and success. My Best Life Ever. My mission is to lead you to do the same.

This one thing changed my life

I stopped thinking about what I didn’t want. I stopped focusing on what I didn’t have. When I tell you that my life immediately began to change — wow, do I mean it. It sounds so simple, but learning to unwire the parts of your mind that are holding you back and consciously retrain your brain is the only way that you can truly begin to create your Best Life Ever.


I discovered the power of the Enneagram (personality test) and experienced such a deep understanding of myself with it, I’ve now helped hundreds of people transform out of the mundane day-to-day and into a purposeful life of fulfillment and self-love using all of the tools that helped me.


When I received the calling to help others and elevate the collective consciousness, I dove in. It felt right. It felt guided. It felt in the flow.


Disconnecting from the self-limiting belief that everything has to be difficult has changed my life. It has allowed me to coach people all over the world through my programs, my podcast, speaking engagements, and global retreats.


How does an unhappily married dental hygienist who hates her job and has deep-rooted traumas and fears keeping her in the life that was never hers…transform into a life-coach who developed her own methodology to help people world-wide while feeling a deep sense of purpose daily and is aligned to a life of happiness, self-love, and fulfillment?

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What People Say


"She offers a unique but very effective method of coaching to change your mindset to become the best version of yourself. She is kind, understanding and supportive, and working with her has brought many positive and profound changes in my life."

Christy S.

"She has challenged me in the most beautiful ways and has steered me to become a better version of myself. I couldn’t recommend her as a coach more!"

Sara H.


Let me help you create your Best Life Ever

Whether you want to test the waters with my free Manifesting 101 Masterclass, or go all in on your personal development journey with 1-1 coaching, you can find the perfect fit to begin create your Best Life Ever. Check these out, along with other the self-guided digital program options.


Ready to ditch old habits and create new patterns to design the life you desire? Get ready for a three-month total mind transformational coaching course designed to take you from a mindset of lack, self-doubt, and comparison to self-awareness, trust, and abundance. The 90-Day Mindset Makeover is here to help you kickstart your Best Life Ever.

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