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Yep, you’re there. At that place. Thinking, “There’s GOT to be something more out there for me.”

Good news! There is.

If you’re ready to stop letting feelings of unworthiness and doubt keep you from Your Best Life Ever, this podcast is for you.

Create Your Fate challenges you weekly to break down self-limiting beliefs and consciously retrain your brain to stop thinking about what you DON’T want and start thinking about what you DO want instead.

Become the master of your own experience – beginning with the thoughts you allow in your head.

It’s time to create the life you deserve. It’s time to create your fate.

 Powerful journey!

"This podcast challenges you to think deeply about your life and empowers you to be your best self."

Great perspective!

"Meg gives you great advice on life that does not beat around the bush and tells it like it is."

Always something new!

"This podcast has been so helpful in knowing I am worthy of love, success, and anything I aspire for."

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