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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that classifies people into nine types based on how they relate to the world and manage their emotions.

Each type has a set of motivators (your core fear and your core desire) and a superego message that basically says, "You are lovable IF..."

For example, Type 1 is the Perfectionist. Their core fear is to make a mistake or make the wrong choice, and their core desire is to do the right thing. Their superego message says, "You are lovable.....IF you are perfect."

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Andi M.

"This was quite eye-opening. I just thought I was an overthinker. Understanding the reason behind my thoughts helped my mind slow down."

Heather S.

"The Enneagram helped me and my partner understand each other so much better. No more arguing over little things anymore. We're fluorishing!"

Justine V.

"I honestly had no idea how much my personality was affecting my business decisions! Finding out my Enneagram helped my business so much."