Rewire Your Brain in 21 Days

What will your thoughts look like in 3 weeks?

What will your LIFE look like in only 21 days of learning and applying the Phoenix 8 proven 5-step technique to transforming your negative thoughts into positive ones? Let's find out. This program was designed by the founder of Phoenix 8 specifically with you in mind. You? YES YOU.

Who Is This For?

This course is for you if you:

  • Have 5-15 minutes per day to dedicate to changing your negative thoughts
  • Automatically think about ways something isĀ NOT going to work out versus ways it IS going to work out
  • Focus on things that are out of your controlĀ and feel disheartened
  • Are tired of living the same negative cycle, unable to get out of the rut
  • Want to become a more positive person, but don't know where to begin

What Does This Include?

Daily coaching content that is a mix of:

  • The 5-Step Process To Transforming Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones
  • 3-8 minute coaching audios
  • Daily prompted worksheets
  • One guided meditation
  • Small daily actions to begin rewiring your brain
  • As easy way to listen! Download the Kajabi app and listen on the go!
  • Spoiler Alert: Get a special offer at the end of the course

We Get It. You're Busy.

But are you "too busy" to change your life? Change your thoughts...change your life! The statement holds truth. All of the Phoenix 8 coaching programs are designed around your busy schedule -- 21 Days To Positive Thoughts in particular! This program entails 5-15 minutes per day of your time and coaches you through a combination of audios, worksheets, small daily habits, and weekly mantras. All Phoenix 8 programs are designed to efficiently rewire your brain with small daily actions, some of which take less than 20 seconds per day!

I'm Ready To Change My Thoughts

Easy To Apply

"The 5 steps to change my thoughts from negative to positive were simple, straight-forward, and easy to apply to my daily life. 10/10 recommend for anyone who struggles with negative thinking."

-- Danielle P.

Absolute Game-Changer!

"It's true -- once you see how many negative thoughts are in your head, you can't unsee it. This made me stop each day and really think about how much negativity I was allowing in my life."

-- Julie M.

Perfect For Busy People

The course concepts were concise and packed with information, and I really liked the applicable daily steps that didn't take much time out of my day, but still allowed me to change my thinking."

-- Trevor B.