Hi, I'm Angela.


I have always thrived on being able to do it all. The more things I had on my plate, the better I was able to perform (or so I thought)...

Meet Angela Hare

Mantra of her season: "I am open to receiving."

  • Credentials:¬†Nurse Practitioner, Certified Life Coach

  • Enneagram:¬†1w2

  • Location:¬†North Houston, Texas

  • Availability: In-person and virtual

  • Astrological Sign:¬†Virgo

  • Life Experience:

    • Business owner
    • Wife
    • Mother
    • Traumatic loss
    • Grief
Coach with Angela

I was a good wife, raising our girls, running a successful business, working out every day, keeping a well kept home, all while having a very busy social life. From the outside looking in, I was the epitome of the American dream.

The problem was, I was miserable. I would save up all of my energy to give to the outside world, just to come home and give my family nothing. They often would get the worst parts of me and I began to see the effect it had on my kids and my marriage. I knew something needed to change.

As I began to look inward, I was able to realize that I kept myself busy to distract myself from my own thoughts and feelings. I was so uncomfortable with what I might find inside my own head that I would rather be exhausted than still. Once I started to dig deep into my own self-limiting beliefs, I was able to open myself up to the possibilities of my Best Life Ever. Letting go of fear and embracing love and authenticity instead, all while allowing myself to be more vulnerable, has helped me find my true life's purpose.

In the stillness, I have found myself. By finding myself, I have learned to love myself. By loving myself, I have learned to love others. By living in a state of love and gratitude I have found the peace I have always longed for.

Coach with Angela

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Jenna M.

"I loved coaching with Angela. She is so kind-hearted and treated me with such care. I trusted her immediately, and my whole coaching experience has been uplifting and empowering!"

Kim F.

"Angela is an amazing listener, which allowed me to open up and explore deeper parts of myself I didn't know were this! This has allowed me to show up for myself, finally, and for my family as well."

Hope W.

"In the most loving way possible, this girl would not let me brush passed anything! She knew exactly how to guide me, especially when I was on the cusp of a major breakthrough, and just couldn't get there on my own."

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