Your Words Are Magic Spells

Are You Ready To Create The Life You Want With Them?

Did you know that your words are magic spells? The word "Abracadabra" originally comes from the Hebrew words "Avra Kadavra" meaning "I create as a speak." Yes -- your words ARE magic spells (that's why it's called spelling.) and they have complete power over your actions, outcomes, and results. Reflect back on your words -- what magic spells have you been casting on your life lately?

"There's no good romantic partners out there."

"I probably won't get the job."

"Things like that could never happen to a person like me."

Poof. Abracadabra. No wonder why your life is where it is.

Verbal Alchemy highlights 6 toxic words and phrases you are using that is keeping you stuck, stunted, and in a negative spiral. This course explains why you choose the negative words that you do, and how to rewire your phrases to create the life that you desire.

Who Is This For?

This course is for you if you:

  • Have 60-90 minutes per week to dedicate to changing your negative thoughts
  • Are ready for a positive-focused life
  • Catch yourself speaking negativity out loud...even accidentally
  • Have invested in some personal development around your thoughts and are ready to deep dive into your words
  • Haven't done that? Check out 21 Days To Positive Thoughts are get $79 off Verbal Alchemy!

What Does This Include?

Weekly coaching content that is a mix of:

  • The 6 Words To Never Say...And What To Say Instead To Speak A Life of Positivity Into Existence
  • Weekly¬†coaching audios
  • Weekly¬†prompted worksheets
  • One guided meditation
  • Small daily actions to begin rewiring your brain
  • As easy way to listen! Download the Kajabi app and listen on the go!
  • Spoiler Alert: Get a special offer at the end of the course

We Get It. You're Busy.

But are you "too busy" to change your life? Change your words...change your life! The statement holds truth. All of the Phoenix 8 coaching programs are designed around your busy schedule -- Verbal Alchemy included! This program entails 60-90 minutes of your time per week and coaches you through a combination of audios, worksheets, small daily habits, and weekly mantras. All Phoenix 8 programs are designed to efficiently rewire your brain with small daily actions, some of which take less than 20 seconds per day!

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"I had no idea I was speaking so negatively -- EVERY DAY! And to think, I considered myself to be a positive person. Highly recommend investing the time in changing your words."

-- Valentina K.

Small Changes Daily

"I loved the pace of this course. It allowed me to be introspective and apply small changes daily without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Loving my results so far!"

-- Michelle B.

Highly Enlightening

"I was skeptic at first, I won't lie. But I tried this course after 21 Days To Positive Thoughts and I really enjoyed the flow and education of the course. Got many takeaways!"

-- Jared W.